sexta-feira, outubro 31, 2008


Here there's a LOT of very very STRONG wind. It's not cold, actually is getting warmer everyday. But how can we feel the 10ºC if the wind blows like if there was no tomorrow? That's why I always go out wearing my super protection clothes! :p

quinta-feira, outubro 30, 2008


Everything can be sold here.... and actually that can be done anywhere! I saw the motorbike shop "selling" wool (that was even very nice and fluffy) and yesterday I've found this: a place that sells construction materials (and house items) selling belly dance "skirts".... no further comments! ;)


I'm still amazed with the way these collective taxis work, los colectivos. They are like microbuses, with only 4 places, but the thing is I never waited more than 5 minutes for the right taxi to come, I always have a seat free for me, they pass close to my street, they stop where I ask them to stop. In a place where the weather is rough all year long, this seems to me like a very smart mean of transportation. I'm a fan, even if I have to listen to reggaeton or a religious emission all way trough! If you ever come to Punta Arenas be sure to have a city plan (to know your direction) and to take the colectivo!

quarta-feira, outubro 29, 2008

Help stopping climate change

Made in Portugal

An article about scientists in Pt: Cientistas em saldo
"A alternativa é continuar o choradinho da fuga de cérebros. Não há fuga de cérebros. Há expulsão de cérebros. Se não fazem falta, isso é outra história. Mas sendo assim, digam."

terça-feira, outubro 28, 2008

Private joke

Só nós podemos entender a piadinha!

segunda-feira, outubro 27, 2008

Patagonia - Tours

My Dear Friends! Today was a great day. I was out in 2 tours to places close by! I've visited the "center" of Chile (they take into account the territory-to-be in Antarctica, so this means that their center is actually in the south of the country!), I've heard about the history of the colonization of Patagonia (hard land) and in the afternoon I went to see the penguin colony of Otway.... I love the pengiuns (the magellean pinguins). I've also seen a lot of other birds, but they are even harder to photograph, so they are not so present in the pictures. And now, I'm ready for one more work week! Here I go! Kisses and hugs and saudades!

domingo, outubro 26, 2008

Punta Arenas

This is the most fantastic places for weird phenomenons to happen (I think this is also considered to be a place where UFOs are seen often... I'm not surprised!). Here things are slow, old, but somehow they work well. It's like everything is in harmony... the universe has found it's balance in this extreme place. Today I've walked (and I really walked a lot because now my legs are starting to hurt). It was a great day, it must have been 10ºC and I have to say that even I was hot (I was sweating!)... the locals were wearing T-shirts, of course. This small city is full of contrasts and a mix of cultural identities. There are roads with craters, but at the same time there's modern buildings, there's almost "favelas" and in the middle of such neighbourhoods very big houses are present, old architecture providing modern services, shops are open until late, but lunch brak is hudge (I think even during their winter). Here they have less work hours and kids have less school days. Prices are really affordable (probably 1/3 of Brussels standard): cinema = 1.5 euros; tea + croissant = less than 1.5 euros... however there are really expensive shops compared to the rest (... for tourists, obviasly... and for the guys that work in the oil industry). Contrast are everywhere, and it surprises me because grey is someting that seems not to exist here. So, I discovered a bit more of Punta Arenas, went to the cinema (nice cine and nice pelicula), visited the local cemitery where different communities are visibly present (including the portuguese), went "shopping" (one of those beautiful pink dresses is mine!!!!!! :p)... curiosities: UIRD is present, as well as RABObank! ING is also here! Uau... what else... ah, can you see the little garbadge cage? Houses have that in front of them to put the garbadge, so the dogs wont eat from the bags.... close to the sea there's a good running "pista" and finally you can also see the Fernão de Magalhães monument! Cheers, tomorrow more adventures will happen. I'll keep you posted!

sexta-feira, outubro 24, 2008


That's how life is! And it never gives you a break! :p

The first days and the discovery process

By now I know all the supermarkets of the area! I've even been to the "austral-tax-free-area" called Zona Franca. I've also been to some small shops where we pay like in the old times: we ask for the product, they pick it up for us, then if we decide to keep it they write it down on a small piece of paper and we have to pay presenting this paper before getting it! And how about crossing streets? Did they tell: do NOT run while crossing the street? Well, here you have to run for your life! There's no zebras... and the speed limit, that is already higher (60km/h), is not respected, at all. Run baby run baby run.... Here is very hard to find where the shops are, because it's always so cold the shops are very "interior" and it's possible to mistake them for another house... even the fireman... try to find them on the pictures. The weather is totally crazy, and ALWAYS windy and cold. Ah, the dogs are the maskotes of one of the places where I'm working! New friends! And last... but not least, here xmas is coming! Finale with Banda Eva and a song that was on my ipod today! Cheers

quinta-feira, outubro 23, 2008


Things are fine around here. I'm getting used to the way of living. There's no buses in town, just shared taxis that have a fixed way, and that works well! I've been several times to the same brunch of supermarkets and I'm happy to say that I've found gluten free cockies and lactose free milk, so I'll be able to have a great breakfast! :D Today was so windy, but so WINDY, that everybody was walking a bit funny (and the best was that they were all laughting about it). I still think it's just great to see the sea everyday while going to work or while working - nothing compares to this!

Dedicated to all of you who like to read before going to bed

(Inspired on a Luna's post)

quarta-feira, outubro 22, 2008

Last minute pictures of BXL

1st pictures

I haven't had a lot of time to take pictures, but here are some first views of Punta Arenas. Enjoy!

terça-feira, outubro 21, 2008

Translation is lost in me

Some people get "lost in translation". In my case I think I'm the one who's lost it! I don't know what language I'll be able to talk after this. In Brussels was already hard to change during the day from Portuguese to French to English... here I have to had Spanish and Portuguese from Brazil... I've been able to manage, but this leads to very funny conversations using all sorts of words from different languages! So far so good!
Later I'll publish some first photos... Cheers

segunda-feira, outubro 20, 2008

I've just landed here (Santiago - Chile)

And now I'm going finally there (Punta Arenas)
And the weather will be like this!

Thanks Starbucks for the free net! :D

domingo, outubro 19, 2008

New adventure

I'm about to start a whole new adventure... this time I'm really traveling far away, to a whole new world. For sure I'll keep you updated (now, also in English). More news in a near future! Cheers, Nocas

(and now a happy song that was on my mind: Mariza - Feira de Castro)

Tervuren e o Outono belga

sexta-feira, outubro 17, 2008

Irritante ou não

Podem até crucificar-me, mas esta musiquinha não me sai da cabeça! É que de vez em quando ouvir a RADAR cansa e mudo para a MEGAFM (sim, eu sei, sem comentários)... mesmo assim apetece-me dar um passinho de dança cada vez que eles passam (e eles passam MUITAS vezes) a Miss Independent, do senhor Ne-Yo (os nomes artísticos cada vez me surpreendem mais). Oh yeah.... lailailairairai!

terça-feira, outubro 14, 2008

USA - road trip! Já foi há algum tempo, mas...

... aqui ficam finalmente as fotos! Have fun!

(São Francisco, costa da Califórnia até Santa Bárbara, Arizona e Grand Canyon, Route 66, Las Vegas, Califórnia de novo incluindo Yosemite)

segunda-feira, outubro 13, 2008

Jogo: adivinhem quem sou e onde estou...

domingo, outubro 12, 2008

Nice + Mónaco... conferências e príncipes (sim, ele esteve lá!!!)

Já foi em Outubro! :) Sol, bom tempo e muito trabalho! Há coisas que valem bema pena!

Gama went to Pt

E nós fizemos uma festa! (antes dela se ir embora e apreciando a sua companhia)

Setembro em BXL

(Parque Conquentenaire e nocturnos no museu de história natural com os dinossauros! uuuuUUUU)