domingo, outubro 26, 2008

Punta Arenas

This is the most fantastic places for weird phenomenons to happen (I think this is also considered to be a place where UFOs are seen often... I'm not surprised!). Here things are slow, old, but somehow they work well. It's like everything is in harmony... the universe has found it's balance in this extreme place. Today I've walked (and I really walked a lot because now my legs are starting to hurt). It was a great day, it must have been 10ºC and I have to say that even I was hot (I was sweating!)... the locals were wearing T-shirts, of course. This small city is full of contrasts and a mix of cultural identities. There are roads with craters, but at the same time there's modern buildings, there's almost "favelas" and in the middle of such neighbourhoods very big houses are present, old architecture providing modern services, shops are open until late, but lunch brak is hudge (I think even during their winter). Here they have less work hours and kids have less school days. Prices are really affordable (probably 1/3 of Brussels standard): cinema = 1.5 euros; tea + croissant = less than 1.5 euros... however there are really expensive shops compared to the rest (... for tourists, obviasly... and for the guys that work in the oil industry). Contrast are everywhere, and it surprises me because grey is someting that seems not to exist here. So, I discovered a bit more of Punta Arenas, went to the cinema (nice cine and nice pelicula), visited the local cemitery where different communities are visibly present (including the portuguese), went "shopping" (one of those beautiful pink dresses is mine!!!!!! :p)... curiosities: UIRD is present, as well as RABObank! ING is also here! Uau... what else... ah, can you see the little garbadge cage? Houses have that in front of them to put the garbadge, so the dogs wont eat from the bags.... close to the sea there's a good running "pista" and finally you can also see the Fernão de Magalhães monument! Cheers, tomorrow more adventures will happen. I'll keep you posted!