sexta-feira, outubro 24, 2008

The first days and the discovery process

By now I know all the supermarkets of the area! I've even been to the "austral-tax-free-area" called Zona Franca. I've also been to some small shops where we pay like in the old times: we ask for the product, they pick it up for us, then if we decide to keep it they write it down on a small piece of paper and we have to pay presenting this paper before getting it! And how about crossing streets? Did they tell: do NOT run while crossing the street? Well, here you have to run for your life! There's no zebras... and the speed limit, that is already higher (60km/h), is not respected, at all. Run baby run baby run.... Here is very hard to find where the shops are, because it's always so cold the shops are very "interior" and it's possible to mistake them for another house... even the fireman... try to find them on the pictures. The weather is totally crazy, and ALWAYS windy and cold. Ah, the dogs are the maskotes of one of the places where I'm working! New friends! And last... but not least, here xmas is coming! Finale with Banda Eva and a song that was on my ipod today! Cheers