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Travelling in Istria, Dalmatia and National Parks (Croatia)

Starting in Rovinj where I was working, we went to Limski Kanal (fjord type), crossed the 2 costal towns Vsar and Porec and went into the interior to visit the beautiful villages of Motovun and Groznjan (following the advices of Time-Out Croatia). We loved Istria: mountains and sea, wine and fresh fish, what best combination? And the weather, how can I explain how good this weather is for the soul? Only if you live in a place like BXL you'll understand how the sun changes your mood! After Istria we started a little bit the dalmatian coast, but had to go to the highway to reach... KRKA!... just check the pictures. Krka and Plitvicka are 2 wonderful national parks where you can find WATER in its most fantastic forms. It's just breathtaking! No words can describe what we've seen. No photos can show the full image. You have to go to see.


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Sun set - Rovinj

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Still my favorite - Armenia

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Do melhor...

Os meus melhores amigos enquanto trabalho têm sido a Prova Oral, Pedro & Nando, Dona Rosete e Governo de Sombra. Aqui fica um "best of" do Governo de Sombra, está genial!

É um Kiduxo

E a Europa rendeu-se! Só podia ter ganho... lalala!

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Wish list - and she's comming to BXL soon

After sunset

Magic can happen...

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We're gonna rule the world... eventually!

Ok, let's not talk about our participation in the Eurovision festival (OMG), and we're still there... even after this...) ... Let's focus in other things... like ... Cristiano Ronaldo(??!?!?) Can you imagine my face when I was walking down the street and amoung sweet beach towels with lovely dolfins I see "Cristiano Ronaldo"?!?! mmm After Chile, only this would be possible! :p (Eu acho que se o concurso dos grandes portugueses voltasse o Cristiano tinha hipótese de ganhar ao Salazar...)


They say it's gonna rain this weekend... noooo!

Finalmente apanhei o jeito à coisa

And now it's just rock and roll...

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The little city Pula has really a lot of roman ruins. Downtown is very small, but lovely. Here in Istria I have the vivid feeling that I could be in Italy. The sea invited me for a boat trip and I got the chance to visit the Brijuni islands. It was a nice Saturday afternoon. And my new book is almost read.

Eles andem aí!

Os índios-pan-pipe-mood estão em todo o lado e um deles (o da esquerda) até é meio eslavo! Os "moods" e os brincos são sempre iguais a si mesmos, sem tirar nem pôr.

View from my office

Some one should transfer Brussels here. We would all be very happy!

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Yes - the sea is really that blue!

1st day - Zagreb! Just for a few hours, while waiting for the following airplane. Is it just me, or when someone speaks in Croatian it sounds like Portuguese? Sometimes it really sounds familiar. Zagreb is a nice city, not too big. People are very polite! And it seems that Spring is in the air!
2nd day - Rovinj. This is the place where I've come to work for a while. Isn't it just lovely? And blue? And sunny and warm (but not too hot). I've already been to the supermarket (I'm eating well, as usual) and I can't wait to jump in the sea! :D More news will follow, but now I'm a bit tired... must... sleep... Cheers.

Here I am (Rovinj, Croatia)

And it's really sunny!!!!

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Em directo

Na Rádio Horizonte: O Café Central - mensagens em directo, beijos e abraços internacionais e até saudadecas para as Mães! Espectáculo! Podcasts aqui!

Os inquéritos d'Os Contemporâneos

... fizeram-me rir que nem uma perdida: ver mais aqui.

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After Greece: France (work work work)

Plage d'Aber (Crozon)

Best of Greece