terça-feira, maio 12, 2009

We're gonna rule the world... eventually!

Ok, let's not talk about our participation in the Eurovision festival (OMG), and we're still there... even after this...) ... Let's focus in other things... like ... Cristiano Ronaldo(??!?!?) Can you imagine my face when I was walking down the street and amoung sweet beach towels with lovely dolfins I see "Cristiano Ronaldo"?!?! mmm After Chile, only this would be possible! :p (Eu acho que se o concurso dos grandes portugueses voltasse o Cristiano tinha hipótese de ganhar ao Salazar...)


At maio 29, 2009 3:53 da manhã, Blogger Carolina said...

Funny thing... They spelled it "Christiano"!
Cumprimentos de uma portuguesa na Argentina!


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