quinta-feira, maio 07, 2009

Yes - the sea is really that blue!

1st day - Zagreb! Just for a few hours, while waiting for the following airplane. Is it just me, or when someone speaks in Croatian it sounds like Portuguese? Sometimes it really sounds familiar. Zagreb is a nice city, not too big. People are very polite! And it seems that Spring is in the air!
2nd day - Rovinj. This is the place where I've come to work for a while. Isn't it just lovely? And blue? And sunny and warm (but not too hot). I've already been to the supermarket (I'm eating well, as usual) and I can't wait to jump in the sea! :D More news will follow, but now I'm a bit tired... must... sleep... Cheers.


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At maio 08, 2009 4:56 da tarde, Blogger Pedro said...

Diria mesmo, Uau!!!


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