quarta-feira, novembro 26, 2008

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segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2008

I'm almost back!!!!

What classic movie are you?

Made in Pt - Dia Nacional da Cultura Científica

Ciências: 35 investigadores lêem «Poema para Galileo»
Fonte: Público
Hoje é Dia Nacional da Cultura Científica, uma data que comemora o nascimento de Rómulo de Carvalho, o professor-cientista-poeta que adoptou o pseudónimo literário de António Gedeão. Para comemorar a ocasião, 35 cientistas portugueses aceitaram o desafio do PÚBLICO e leram o «Poema para Galileo», de António Gedeão.

Today ... was snowing in BXL

... I wish I was there.... (pictures by NT)

sábado, novembro 22, 2008

Made in Pt - Como se ensinará brevemente em Portugal

sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2008

Public workers on strike! Until now...

It's all complicated to me, but they were for sure fight for something important. They were on strike almost for a week... this means that they won't get 1/4 of their salary because of a cause!!!! This is impressive!!!! But I coulnd't find a lot of information on the net... here's something.

segunda-feira, novembro 17, 2008

Sunday, sunny Sunday!

What a joy: a sunny day! And even working semmed like a "pause". I had lunch at the beach, almost slept a siesta, then when I got home and went for a long walk in the city: everybody was out, seating at the parks, riding bikes... really cool! And the best was to find out that Punta Arenas is getting zebras! Uau!!! I'm living an historical moment!

sábado, novembro 15, 2008

Also made in Pt

Made in Pt

Punta Arenas - Saturday morning


All is fine! Some recent images... basically I've been working and... that's about it. Yesterday it was sunny! Yeahhh... it has been rainning a lot and they have been complaining about it here, it's not normal, it's the cambio climático, they say! But, look at the sunny pictures, can you notice how strong the sun is? That's because the ozone layer tends to desapear during this period of time and the sun is really bright (also because of the latitude factor) and ovsiasly it burns a lot! Some pictures of race cars - another working neighbour; and last, but not least, a teenager concert at the main square! Oh yeah!

The wonders of Punta Arenas

(one more private "portuguese!" joke)

sexta-feira, novembro 14, 2008

The wonders of podcast

Lately, my has been my best friend during work hours. However, by now, I know all my gigas of songs by heart. So... I've (re)discovered the wonders of podcasts!!! Today I've heard an old program from Fernando Alvim, some episodes of a book by Jane Austen (from BBC), Sherlock Holmes, Estúdio Raposa... even Celtic myths. I was so happy to have someone talking to me in a melodic voice. Work went really well. My advice is to take a look at the iTunes Music Store and you can get a lot of interesting podcasts for free, including some audiobooks. Yeahhh! And now, the spanish version of FERNANDO from the ABBA! :p Yes, in Spanish... it was my music theme during the bus-taxi travel this morning! :p Just for you, from Punta Arenas:

terça-feira, novembro 11, 2008

I got you Babe (UB40)

segunda-feira, novembro 10, 2008

Working neighbours

... around mid day they always appear in "my place" to feed! Aren't they great? They're a cute couple!

Orgulho nacional

I'm not his fan, but if I were, as being probably the only Portuguese in Punta Arenas, I would be very proud! Inês, this post is dedicated to you!

2 springs in one year! Just great!

Spring fruits again!!! Yeah!!!

domingo, novembro 09, 2008

Made in PT

And the best thing is...

... that the world is sooooo huge and there is still so much to discover!

sábado, novembro 08, 2008

Pisco Sour...

... is the best cocktail... ever! I love it! It always leaves me a bit dizzy though.... :p Take a look: here.

quinta-feira, novembro 06, 2008

Sometimes, the job is just worth it!

More pictures soon!

quarta-feira, novembro 05, 2008

Yes they did it! Yah yah yah!

Para celebrar (to celebrate): BURAKA Som Sistema! Yah, yah, yah!

terça-feira, novembro 04, 2008

And the Oscar goes to....


I've been writing a lot of postcards! Every night, after dinner, I dedicate a few minutes to this activity. I just love them, don't you? If you want to get one from here, just leave me your address (or send me an email with it) and I promise to send you one. Cheers!

domingo, novembro 02, 2008

From the Mother Land - Gatos Fedorentos: Rinchoa Rinchoa

Torres del Paine

Hi! So today I went traveling... actually it was a big journey (we've covered around 900km today). It all started at 5AM, when the excursion came to pick me... I went to Torres del Paine, a fantastic natural park, but the weather was so shi)%)((%%(ty that I didn't see has much as I would have liked... however, it was worth the experience and one day out is always great! The top was that at the end the public road was closed because there were some car races and we had to wait until they finished so we could go home! :p Anyway, I saw lots of wild life, a glaciar, some "icebergs", wild nature, it was snowing... .... ... and now I'm ready to sleep! :) Have fun and "look out"!!!!

Pobre zorro

Zorro = fox

Like the foxes I saw today!

The maps - Torres del Paine location

I told you it was windy!