sexta-feira, novembro 14, 2008

The wonders of podcast

Lately, my has been my best friend during work hours. However, by now, I know all my gigas of songs by heart. So... I've (re)discovered the wonders of podcasts!!! Today I've heard an old program from Fernando Alvim, some episodes of a book by Jane Austen (from BBC), Sherlock Holmes, Estúdio Raposa... even Celtic myths. I was so happy to have someone talking to me in a melodic voice. Work went really well. My advice is to take a look at the iTunes Music Store and you can get a lot of interesting podcasts for free, including some audiobooks. Yeahhh! And now, the spanish version of FERNANDO from the ABBA! :p Yes, in Spanish... it was my music theme during the bus-taxi travel this morning! :p Just for you, from Punta Arenas: