segunda-feira, setembro 28, 2009

One more great weekend!

We have been really blessed this summer with such a great weather!!!! Believe me when I tell you that this was a very exceptional year and that we have been using our weekends to enjoy the most we can (the winter is approaching and we need energy to face it). So we made 2 main activities: 1st we went to the Kite and Wind Festival in Knokke and Sunday we went for a small bike tour around BXL (we went to the battle field of Waterloo and then to the amazing ruins of the Abbey of Villers-la-Ville).

Me and my new beginners Kite! The festival was really beautiful and funny. Maybe I've got a new addiction! Let's hope for good windy days during these next months. :)

1st - Waterloo (and the Abba's song can't get out of my head). 2nd - The beautiful Abbey of Villers-la-Ville (ideal for pik-niks, maybe next time). And at the end a tea and a chocolate mousse! Lovely lazy sunny Sunday afternoon.


At setembro 28, 2009 5:41 da tarde, Blogger Ju said...

Levas-me a esses sítios todos qdo te for visitar?


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