domingo, maio 30, 2010

Sevilla, Ole'!

Another conference... and thus another chance to visit a new place! This time I went to Sevilla, and I must say that this city really amazed me. It's an fantastic pretty place that offers a lot of cool activities that can be done by visitors. :p 99.9% of the time I was mistaken by being Spanish and the best comment was from a lady I met when we were trying to find a bus stop : "let's follow those foreigners because they usually find out these things faster than us (locals)!" eh eh eh!!!! Me encanta Sevilla, Ole'! (for the record, I actually don't speak Spanish... but Portunhol!)

quinta-feira, maio 20, 2010


Spring has been reallllyyyyy shy, but little by little temperatures are increasing and clouds have left the skies. This month we have been discovering a bit more about Belgium. We did a geocaching on the 1st of May, and now, more recently, we have visited one of the book villages: Redu (in Ardennes). :) Also, chez moi, my plants are finally starting to grow and to look healthier. And.... tomorrow I'm off to Seville! Olé!