quarta-feira, julho 22, 2009

What a nice weekend

Despite the weather, we had a very nice time. First we celebrate Xana's birthday. What a lovely BBQ. It's always nice to meet people, to enjoy food and to eat Ines' cakes! :p Saturday we went to the amazing Gent Fest. Great caipirinhas, great music... great rainny weather! We end up wet, running for the last train, but it was fun.

terça-feira, julho 14, 2009

Great Tweets of Science

terça-feira, julho 07, 2009

Werchter - Rock Festival!

werchter 2009 ana
It was amazing!!!! Check the photos for the time being and later I'll let you know my impression!

The Belgian imagination!

After this...

....only this could be possible!