terça-feira, abril 14, 2009

Best of Rua Sésamo

Peixe peixe peixe.....

domingo, abril 12, 2009

BXL Gang in Greece

So we arrived yesterday to Nikos' homeland! Of course that the lively Greeck way of living dragged me immediatly into this relaxing and somehow unexpected mood. And it's just the begining! I'm sure it'll be a great week.

sexta-feira, abril 10, 2009

Previously... in Belgium....

Was just great! Saturday we went to the North of Belgium and we had the chance of seeing wild seals! That's right, between Oostend and De Panne there's a small number of Northn Sea seals that just like to be close to people... they actually don't care. And they are beautiful. The following day we went to Orval and Maredsous, 2 famous breweries (of course associated to monasteries... great live, hein?). Here are some pictures of the 2 great days. Enjoy.

Cya soon! Have a great weekend!

Brussels: au carrefour de l'Europe

Check out this video: here.

quarta-feira, abril 08, 2009

Pt - news