quinta-feira, março 26, 2009


How hard it was to come back to the cold and rainy weather. Barcelona was just fantastic! We have seen as much as we could, but I have the felling that there was a lot left behind. It's not only beautiful and interesting, but also ALIVE! I know I know, there's plenty of tourists, busy streets, it might even be a little unsafe. But have you noticed the SEA!??! The light and colors? The food? The buildings? The mountains around the city? We have really loved it. Here's some pictures (we've taken thousands) of the great time we had, the concerts we have been, the places we visited! Enjoy!

sexta-feira, março 20, 2009

Here we go! :D Have a nice weekend!

segunda-feira, março 16, 2009


Great weekend! Relaxed, happy... there was even a little bit of sunshine! Lunches and dinners, crazy super concerts (The Do) and a night walk in Brugges, as well as the celebration of St Patricks day (from Ireland, in BXL). And here we go for one more week... :D

terça-feira, março 10, 2009

Ai ai ai CARAMBA!

Belgium has to be the MOST bureaucratic country in the whole world!
(and here I am loosing time again just because of these %$&# services!!!!!!!!)

segunda-feira, março 09, 2009

Plan B

domingo, março 08, 2009

Museum night fever and sun in BXL

So I'm back. And the city is waking up... Spring is becoming a reality and everything is getting alive. That's how Saturday we ended up in the Museum Night Fever (some museums were open until 1AM and that was followed by a super party). Sunday was more relaxing and I even had an icecream.


And so I got older... so, why not just go wild and surprise my "guys" in Pt? It was a great weekend! Obrigada a todos! Beijokas

Bergen - Norway

Yeap, I was in Bergen. Again working! But was very nice. It gave me also the opportunity to appreciate BXL even more, since there it rains ALL the time and it's GREY! Anyway, we had a good time on the snow and the city itself is lovely. I had loads of seafood (yummy) and a cafézinho!

Still Tasmania

Some more pictures, that I received this week. They are from a friend... it's a bit ... only about me, but that's just because I don't think the others want to be in the blog! Anyway, just some more of my adventures... new pictures will follow!