terça-feira, dezembro 23, 2008

Merry Xmas

E coisinhas fofinhas e amiguinhas para todos! Fui picada pelo bichinho da época e estou contente (embora um pouco sonolenta)... Fiquem ainda com a minha musiquinha preferida, a do Rudolfo!

domingo, dezembro 21, 2008

The weekend before Xmas!

On the first day of Xmas... lalalala! And on the weekend before Xmas I decided to be on: One Xmas market, 2 days of shopping, several gifts found, lots of good food!, some friends were seen and I found a "Galo de Barcelos" on a flee markeeeettttttt.....

sexta-feira, dezembro 19, 2008


Sign the letter here.

quarta-feira, dezembro 17, 2008

Sunset - Nitin Sawhney

domingo, dezembro 14, 2008

Party!!!! Back to BXL and Happy Birthday Nikos!

Back to BXL

... and it's xmas time! Yeah! (the second picture is... Portuguese toilet paper! :p Yeah... I know!!!!)

Flying back

quinta-feira, dezembro 11, 2008

I'm back...

... in town...

terça-feira, dezembro 09, 2008

See you soon Punta Arenas... Brussels... here I go!

quarta-feira, dezembro 03, 2008

Começaram as festas...

... finalmente comecei a ser tocada pelo espírito natalício (ou a loucura de encontrar prendas). A foto é do Público.

The best - II

The best!

After a very stressful morning, I had an excellent evening! I went to the Isla Magdalena, an island in the middle of the Magallanes Straight that hosts a penguin colony. They are just everywhere!!! Aren't they fantastic? After, there was also time to see (from the boat) the Isla Marta. The weather was great, tourists and guides were nice. I had really a relaxing and interesting time. I was really needing that. It's almost "cya soon" Punta Arenas, so this was a very nice "goodbye". But before that, there is still some hard work to be done... here I go...!!!!